The MT Mitchell Memorial

            & Taurus Observatory at DAV

                        - The Sign of the Ox

Observatory readings
Temperature 83.3
Humidity 56.2
Dew Point 66.0

Light Sensor
Light Level 0

Photometric Results

Observatory pictures

Future Projects

fschorr at

Yahoo: TaurusObservatory

This website is hosted on a tiny Parallax Pink webserver which resides at the observatory. It's connected to a BOE board with a BasicStamp 24P microcontroller with a Sensirion Temp/Humidity sensor which is providing the temperature and humidity information.

I control the AC power on 16 different devices by the use of 2 DLI Web Power Switches

Lat. 33d 33m 26.5s N
Long. 82d 45m 46.83s W


June 27, 2010: I've been working on MIRA type of variable stars that have "hump" behavior on their light curves. I'm using my own observations and observations from the AAVSO international database and ASAS3 survey database.

You can follow this project on the AAVSO's LPV Sectional website at LPV-humps.


My observatory is built on leased lot C at Deerlick Astronomy Village (DAV). It's a CJE MAX 15'6"x15'6" roll-off roof type observatory with warm room built by Scott from Backyard Observatories.

I'm in the process of installing a Celestron C14 telescope on a Software Bisque Paramount ME mount sitting on a Big Bear Pier.

I'm using a SBIG ST-402ME CCD imaging camera with the BVI+C internal filter set to do photometry imaging.

I'm installing a new Dell server running Maxim DL to control the CCD camera and ACP to automate and control the camera and telescope mount. This is the first step toward making my observatory fully automated.

Sometimes live picture

Link to D-Link DCS-900 Network West Camera
Link to D-Link DCS-900 Network East Camera
(Direct-X and Java supported)
These cameras are normally only turned on during the weekends!

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